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PJT Sizzle was started by a guy named Paul. Paul always loved entertaining and whipping up a feast on the BBQ.  After many compliments about his BBQing flair, Paul decided he should turn his passion into a business and help event organisers make their event sizzle.

Paul believes that a good event is only made great by the food that is served. You can have excellent service and quality drinks, however it's the food that turns it from good to great. People always comment on and remember the event for the food.  Paul trains staff to ensure all food served is of exceptional quality. All products are free-range sourced from the local butcher and include halal, vegetarian and gluten free options. 

Another passion of Paul's is helping save the environment. PJT Sizzle has teamed up with locals PJT Green Plumbing to help support Clean Up Our Water, a volunteer based organisation that aims to clean up waste, rubbish, invasive plants and pest along our waterways, rivers, creeks, bays and coastlines.

There are a number of events throughout the year in which you can get involved in which would also give you the opportunity to taste the delicious food offered by PJT Sizzle

It all began at a friends birthday....
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